18/54 – From the Invention of the Wheel

Directive: Mind Map 

It’s hard to think of a time when the wheel was considered an innovative technology, but the creation of the wheel laid the foundation for all future innovations. I decided to do this mind map on the wheel, or more specifically, the tire.

Mind map

I found through my mind map that I focused my attention on progress & movement. I began to think of the wheel as a catalyst for the great inventions marked throughout history and more relevantly the car. The creation of the wheel was pinnacle for the development of civilization. Without the wheels, most modern forms of transportation would be all but useless; they’re the legs of innovation. With this in mind I made a small illustration of the progression of wheels.

Wheelsprogression illustrationsgerman

Starting with the first wheel, I drew different illustrations depicting inventions where wheels are vital for function. More abstractly I started thinking about the “wheels” in a German engineers brain cranking. The engineers at Volkswagen are essentially the wheels of innovation. They allow innovation to roll forward and give way to the next great invention.


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